Twitter, anyone?

I really cannot help but wonder if that Turkish plane crashed in Amsterdam to advertise Twitter! (I know this is a very dark thought, but….) As I was ill and stuck to my couch and as I am known for my CNN addiction (I promise, it is not only because of Anderson Cooper) – I followed breaking news almost whole day. And I was shocked how often and with which enthusiasm CNN was mentioning the role of Tweeter and that they actually got the first hint from there. Does CNN have a stake in Twitter? Similar, though much milder, was going on NTV – suddenly the news about the plane crash became the news about how cool Twitter is.So, I went to my account, which was sleeping peacefully since I made it, to see what the fuss is about. And I still don’t dig it. Does the world really need to be continuously feed my BS in size “140 characters”? People are posting links and some non-understandable abbreviations; it is all just a mess! A link salad. How do you find any interesting info there? And – if we really start communicating in 140, will our brains melt to a size of a bird’s brain? I don’t know…. Anyone of you guys twitting?