Ana von Vibrator

The first shock about seeing my book prepared for print was that some imbecile designer thought it would be cool to divide my name with the book title. So inside my book, I am called Ana from Barbie to Vibrator Tajder. Thank God I could have still protested about that. I was furious. I ran to see my neighbors/friends (yes, still Laudonplace) who were just drinking coffee in Marcus’ apartment next door to me. “Those idiots, can you guys believe what they did to my name???!!!” I was raging about human stupidity. “Imagine they designed poor Dostoevsky’s Idiot!”  As always, they managed to make fun of the situation “Ana von Barbie zum Vibrator Tajder, haha!” (we are speaking German here) “But how about Ana von Vibrator!? That fits perfectly!” Super, how will I ever get rid of this one?

Eat your heart out, Dita von Teese.