The Managers & Nancy Pelosi's Breasts

Today, I was thinking about the influence this crisis will have on the image of men. Because hey - they created the crisis! Especially those “winner” types: clever, strong, visionary…. fighters, winners, leaders. The MANAGERS. Will it move us more in the direction of…. the more handy men?So I asked my friends on Twitter/Facebook (and formulated my question a bit too clumsy): Will it move the idea of ideal man away from suit and tie? My favourite answer (to my stupid question): “I prefer them without clothes” I agree. But then… am not sure if I really wanna see the CEO of AIG naked. Anyway, if posed right, I think that the question is really interesting.

And my second thought of the day: God, it must be a hard job being Nancy Pelosi!!! I wonder how it must feel when a whole nation (or two or three) is staring at your breasts while they listen to their leader’s (too long) speeches? I think that the camera in the House of Congress urgently needs to find a different angle. Save the poor woman!