Pink Ghetto

This is absolutely one of the most hilarious ideas I have heard about in past years! Vienna is getting its first apartment house for – women. What the hell is an apartment house for women???!!! Well, even the team of women who came up with this idea doesn’t have a clue. Basically it is for women because only women can sign deals to buy/rent apartments in that house. Partners are of course welcome to live there with women. Can you imagine telling a man “Come visit me, I live in the pink women’s house.” Bet ya he won’t be able to get it up! And what happens if a woman dies and has a husband and a son? Do they need to go through a sex surgery for their inheritance?The only concrete feature they came up with are - wider corridors in which women can meet to chat. Whaaaat??????!!!!!!! I was trying to do the job of those brilliant minds which came up with this concept and tried to find one real positive aspect of living in a house for women. There is absolutely none. The only thing I came up with is that you can just knock on any door if you urgently need to borrow a tampon. And how often does that happen? But then if you imagine the negative aspects… . Isn’t that house a paradise for burglers/rapers/stalkers? And marketiers? And what happens if something breaks down and you need a strong hand? Or in case of fire? And the worst of all things: Knowing that women’s cycles harmonise when they spend more time together, does the whole house go through a PMS together??? I don’t know, that shit is simply creepy.