Emancipation at Tiffany's

Forget the breakfast! Receiving my ISBN number deserved Tiffany's. It was an extremely exciting experience. Because seeing the number made it clear: that was it, no more joking, my baby is about to go in print! I am to become the second Tajder with an ISBN number- my grandfather, Dr. Miroslav Tajder wrote a much praised book about petrology. The topic couldn’t be more distant to mine.

I was so proud that I wished I could always carry this special number with me. So, as a tattoo is not an option, I went to Tiffany’s and bought a silver pendant and had my ISBN engraved. This was not only an act of celebration and of “spoiling” myself, but also an act of prevention – I did always want to have a Tiffany moment so why wait and hope for somebody else to (maybe, one day, if I'm a good girl) give it to me? Just for the case anybody thought I was not a snob.

The same evening, I received a mail from a friend saying that our friend got engaged – her boyfriend took her to a trip somewhere exotic and surprised her with a Tiffany rock! I was supposed to be envious. Sorry, too late. Had my Tiffany moment already. With the most unique diamond adorning it – my first book. And look at this: I will never have to return it! Because I didn’t get it - it is mine.