Killer Kids

Yesterday, a German 17 years old boy killed 16 people. One day earlier, a USA boy killed 10. Few months before that, a kid killed 10 in Finland. We had more than 10 similar killings in past 15 years. What is this telling us about our “civilised” western society? Why is it only young men? Why were many of them on antidepressants? Why are all this men NOT coming from extremely poor or hard milieu? Why is Europe importing only shit from the USA?Parents are working hard, are continuously under stress to buy more cars and more Nike shoes and make a “career”. Kids are stuck in nurseries when they are 3 months old and see the corpses of their parents in the evenings (sometimes not even that) or weekends. Then they are fed with antidepressants, play brutal computer games and watch rubbish TV. They lack joy, love, closeness and a real connection to life in all its beauty. And then we wonder that they go nuts and start killing around. We shouldn’t wonder. It is not about having arms at home (BTW, why does a German businessman have 18 guns at home?). It is about what our society has turned into. What our priorities are. And if we are able to be really truly happy and satisfied. To selflessly love. And to love life. And transport this feeling to our kids. They are turning into angry, bloodthirsty, egoistic robots. Thank you, "development".