Fairy Tale Horror

Just reading a (yet another) book about fairy tales: Sheldon Cashdan's "The Witch Must Die (The Hidden Meaning of Fairy Tales)". I found fascinating information on the original plots of our cute little classic fairy tales. They were FAR from cute in their original versions. And it is very interesting to see that in time, we softened our fairy tales but we invented horror somewhere else – in films and video games. And recently, reality.Check the Sleeping beauty out: While she was sleeping her 100 years sleep, the prince came, fell in love with her and - had sex with her. AND got her pregnant. “When he was through, he left the princess, and returned to his own kingdom, where, in the pressing business of his realm, he thought no more of the incident.” Still asleep, she gave birth to twins. Two fairies were taking care of the kids. But then, one of the children, unable to find the nipple, sucked on her finger, loosening the poison – and she woke up. Some time later, the prince did return to claim her and the children. But! By now, he was already married. When his wife found out about his infidelity, she invited the princess and her kids to visit her. And she instructed her cook to slay the kids and serve them to her husband for dinner. In the mean time, she lit a fire in the courtyard, planning to throw the princess into the flames. The story does have a happy end though – the cook spares the babies, the prince saves the princess from the fire and they throw his wife in instead. Hmmm, a fairy tale starring a corpse-raping prince and his cannibalistic wife? And the Snow White? In its original version, the prince came, saw the Snow White in her glass coffin and liked her so much that he decided to take her home. Yet another corpse fanatic??? What will I find next? Alice eating the white bunny alive?