Do we all change?

Sometimes, it is fantastic to meet people you haven’t seen for many, many years, especially if they had an important role in your life. Because they show you how much you have - or have not - changed during this time.Few days ago, I met an “affair” I haven’t seen in (something like) 10 years. I really liked him a lot back then, and he - he just preformed an expensive mating ritual, had sex with me and disappeared (kind of). He hasn’t changed. Back then, I liked guys who looked like young English lords. Extremely stylish, sleek and classic. Men who were never young. I have changed. Back then, I was what in Austria you would call a “tussi” – very stylish and always fun. We met in the most posh bar in Vienna. This time, it couldn’t have been more different - I asked him to accompany me to a discussion at the university. He was so out of place there, it was cute. And he must have been wondering what the hell happened to me - which sane woman would exchange Manolo's for trainers and posh bars for uni benches. The change I went through really fascinates me and I often wonder how many people go through a big “personality” change. Especially within a shor time period. Still, I must admit sometimes wonder if I like the person I have become….