Having something to say. Or not?

Ugh, this pause hasn’t been just simple laziness. I am going through a serious blog-block and have a terrible feeling I have nothing to say that might be of any interest to anyone….Having an opinion has lately become some kind of a burden. Since past few moths, I am working as editor for the book section of The Vienna Review called – The Vienna Review of Books. I have diligently started writing reviews of books and readings. Strong on my opinions as I am, yesterday I received a first e-mail by an offended writer. The problem was not only that this book was full of stuff I didn’t really like – this writer was also very pushy and annoying. Lesson: learn to let go, because by pushing too much you might create a negative effect. On one hand, I was sorry about him. On the other hand I thought – that’s the nature of it. The moment you do something publicly, you have to be able to cope with criticism. I have experienced it myself. I remember the first negative review of Barbie. When I started reading it, my heart stopped beating. But very soon I relaxed, thinking that this was just another experience you have to make as a writer. And every experience is important. It is strange writing reviews of other people’s writing when you are a writer yourself…. Anyway, I will not give up – check this space for more bitching about bad books!