Spelling BOMBe

Ah, Facebook Wonderland!I have a friend from LA and few moths ago, one of her LA friends sent me a friend request. The guy looked like Ken (yes, the body) and had a cool name so I thought “Why not” and accepted. And then few days ago, I received a friend request from a woman who, I assumed from the guy’s posts, must be his girlfriend. Well if that guy is a Ken, the woman is way beyond Barbie. She is just perfect! I am still wondering how you can fit a tanned six-pack, all that big hair, a pretty face AND huge boobs into such a small photo. The woman is an überwoman and I was seriously curious why she wants to be my friend and what the hell she will do among my normal, mortal friends. But today, she proved to be a bit less Wonder. And YES, I admit, it did make me feel a bit better… Her post said: “and goin to the gym and after goin to theach my pilates classe” Fucking hell, if you can’t spell any word containing more then 4 letters, than I really have to wonder about our friendship! On the other hand – a bomb does not need to spell, does she?