MTV has a new show called “America’s Most Smartest Model”. Great. That is exactly what we needed for the complete destruction of any leftovers of young people’s self-confidence. Imagine the überwoman from my last post with a PhD. Any normal person can immediately go kill him/herself.Yesterday, a friend whose husband is working at one of the most successful corporations in the world told me how his female boss called him after the internal interview to tell him about the results. And started the conversation in the direction of “You know, we were very disappointed by ….. you also made mistakes at…. So we were not sure if you were the right candidate for this job.” And after going on in this tone for an eternity, she ended the conversation with “But then we decided to give you a chance…” Anyone who ever watched Germany’s Next Top Model immediately recognizes Heidi Klum in this monologue. Shit! Can you believe that corporate world is imitating a trashy TV show? I was wondering: If you made money by destroying physical health of 3 million people, you’d (maybe) go to jail. But you can fuck with their mental health and stay unpunished. Why? If Ahmadinejad really had a bomb, I would propose to put it up Heidi Klum’s ass. And make her fuck all media bosses who spread hazardous trash like that to make profits. Maybe that would make it a healthy explosion.