An emancipated Barbie

Last week, I have attended two lectures by Alice Schwarzer, Germany’s most famous (second wave) feminist. One was about her professional path, the other about Art & Pornography.One interesting point I took with is that Tim K., the guy who shot 9 students and 3 teachers in Germany last month, only shoot girls and female teachers. This fact was shortly mentioned at the first press conference but then never again. Had he only shot black people or Jews, it would have been such a scandal that we would still discuss its consequences in 2015. She had two interesting points: first was that the manhood is being threatened by growing women’s emancipation, and this might result in aggressive behaviour like in the case of Tim K. The second point was what I have been writing about in my articles: a virtual picture of an artificially over-sexualised Bimbo which has been created by the media as a balance to women’s emancipation, endangering any further developments. But then she said a thing that hurt me personally: “You cannot be emancipated and be a female in the same time.” Well, I can. Yesterday, I saw a poster propagating her sort of emancipation on which someone ("a woman with tits") wrote her comments. The poster perfectly illustrates the paradox of emancipated vs. female. But the best is: it is featuring - BARBIE! div2009-018

Poster: Betrayed! It is your turn! 50% university to women, feministic theory and criticism on all faculties, fight sexism, gender language in all texts, women on higher positions at the university. GRASS (green and alternative students)

Comment: I LOVE BARBIE Only because a woman is wearing flat shoes does not mean that she is independent. Shitty lefty emancipated women. Signature: A woman with tits. So a Schass GRASS (such a shit GRASS).

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