Upcoming interview with A.Schwarzer

I am extremely honoured to announce that I will be granted an interview with Alice Schwarzer end of May. It is not at all that easy getting an interview with her. It will be very interesting because, while I do not agree with all her points and attitudes, I do highly appreciate what she and women like her have done for our generation. Now, it is our turn to find our bearings and continue working on making this world a better place. In one of her lectures, she said: “We offer the new generation our shoulders to stand upon and climb even higher.” We should say “Thank you” and resist moving backwards.I have also been offered to write for her magazine Emma, which will be a big honour for me. Now let’s see if the offer will be withdrawn once Barbie is out in German – as I learned, the book (and I) can be seen as both feminist but also anti-feminist. Laudonplace claims that this depends on if I am having enough sex or not. Hmmm, interesting times ahead. And here the second announcement: Von der Barbie zum Vibrator will be out in German on 26 May 2009. I am one happy, happy, happy person!

P.S. My publisher proposed a Tajder brand - Tajder Home, Tajder Beauty, Tajder Style. How about "Pimp my Tajder"?