Listen to Tord Gustavsen

Tord Gustavsen (and Ulrich Drechsler) last night in Konzerthaus. A bit disappointing because we all came to hear Gustavsen but got more of Drechsler.Still, an incredible event. Made me want to jump up and dance and then sit back and dry the tears from my eyes. Yes, it did open up new spaces for two hours. If you do listen to jazz, Tord Gustavsen is a must know. If you don’t (yet), he is the perfect way to start. His music is so gentle, so poetic, so melodic, and so deep in the same time that you cannot but get hooked. I listen to his music since his first CD came out in 2003. And once I had an amazing experience – I was in a modern jazz class with one of the best guest teachers we have in Vienna, Russell Adamson. He created a beautiful choreography to one of the songs from Gustavsen’s first CD “Changin Places”. I was already much attached to this music – listening to it always moved me emotionally, but then dancing to it multiplied this experience by hundred, creating a volcano of sensations that made tears pour from my eyes. I never before cried while I danced, and never since then. Unfortunately. Anyway, fantastic concert, but horrible technicians in Konzerthaus. It proved just how important they are… Percussion was too loud (and not good enough to be that loud), piano came from all different directions and was way too low. Apropos percussion - yesterday, I realised again that Jarrod Cagwin definitely is the best that there is!

Link: Tord Gustavsen