Tattoo Barbie

Hehe, look out the new Tattoo Barbie. She caused so much furore that international media is reporting about her. Actually, the furore comes from the parents who are complaining that the Tattoo Barbie could have negative influence on their daughters. Might make daughters want a tattoo and then wear skimpy clothes to show the tattoo off: "It's attracting kids too young to want to expose parts of their body to show off tattoos," said Jenn Alcayaga, a parent from Sacramento, California.I adore the paradox of the situation. Why is having something tattooed on your skin and then eventually wearing something that shows your tattoo worse than having eating disorders in order to keep Babrie-thin, breast implants (and we know how much more dangerous they are then a tattoo) to have a Barbie figure and then wearing a Barbie-bikini? I don’t know, but somehow I like the tattoo Babrie (maybe as a symbol of our society’s paradoxes and a reminder that we should start complaining about the real problems), so here she comes. tattoo-barbie