Salute to Democracy

I was in Cafe Nil yesterday, drinking coffee and reading newspapers. No clue anymore what I read, but for the billionth of time the universal truth slapped me across my face. I started laughing out loud. I am over being angry. But by now I seriously wonder if it makes sense to bring kids into this world. What made me laugh was the following thought.

You lie about having or not having had sex with someone.

Damage done: none.

Consequences: you lose your job, get prosecuted, publicly crucified or similar. Shortly, you have to go.

You lie about a country hiding nuclear weapons.

Damage done: a million of people killed, one whole country ruined, billions of other people’s money spent.

Consequences: none. Although people who put you in that place and whose money you are spending want you to go.

So here my salute to the democracy. To the wold  in which you are absolutely powerless. To the world in which nothing is like you think it is or should be – it is just like someone wants it to be.