People are rioting because they are hungry.

Technology is rapidly advancing.

Corporations are proudly showing of their rising profits.

Middle class is getting poorer and unhappier.

Rich is getting richer.

Stars get paid millions for a photo of their baby.

Virtual financial bubbles are bursting but nobody is loosing (their job or their wealth).

Health systems are bankrupted while money is being sent to help the poor made poor by other countries.

Tax payers are subsidizing multinational corporations just so they can few months later fire the very same tax payers en masse.

Olympic Games are being boycotted because of politics.

Hundreds are dying in Iraq daily for absolutely nothing.

In countries which fight wars in name of democracy, nothing happens when their own people loudly scream “no”.

Democracy became a public joke.

Working hours are increasing, buying power decreasing.

Masses of 29 years old end up in psychiatric hospitals with a burnout.

Is it all really about getting even richer and more powerful? Or did the game slip out of control and took a destructive life of its own?

Nobody understands what is really going on.

But it is not good.

Welcome to the Brave New World.

Or Matrix.

You chose.

Well isn’t this democracy at it’s finest?