Oscar Niemeyer: "Be nice to each other!"

Thank you, Vice for the interview with Oscar Niemeyer!

Niemeyer is the living legend of architecture. A Brazilian, he was Le Corbusier’s student and later created the capital of Brasil from 0, in the middle of nothing. Today, Brasilia is protected and considered one of the greatest achievements of modern architecture. He is a big communist, he is 102 and still going to his office every day. He believes architects should have a wide spectrum of culture (as should all other creative people, I would say) so he employed a teacher who came to his office for 5 years to teach his architects about philosophy and universe.

And here what he says about life:

“We (Niemeyer and his friends) want to say to young people that life is more important than architecture, more important than anything else. Life is about knowing how to behave, how to be fair and enjoying being nice to others. That’s it. But life is not important. I don’t want to say that it’s shit. But it is just what destiny threw into your lap.”

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