Miss Bimbo or What Really Matters in Life

Two young English (male) nerds created an online computer game called Miss Bimbo. Miss Bimbo is targeted to girls age 9-16. There are 1 million of users in the UK and shortly after the launch of a French version, there were 300,000 users in France. There were protests and negative press coverage but most probably they only made the game more attractive to potential users. The aim is to make your Bimbo “The sexiest, richest and most famous Bimbo in the world”. This can be reached – only if you have enough money - through shopping, plastic surgery (incl. breast enlargement), dieting (for this you can buy diet pills) and having a rich and famous boyfriend. Which you can only find in a club called Club Bimbo, as the sign at the entrance will tell you: „Here you can dance, flirt and maybe meet a handsome Boyfriend. Your boyfriend will (hopefully) give you some money every day. Because he loves you.“

When you start the game, you will get basic information about your Bimbo. In my case: Thirst 0%, Hunger 0%, Happiness 99%, Weight: 127.6 lbs, The target weight: 127 lbs. This perfectly connects to my yesterday’s blog so it goes without comment.

And then we should somehow explain to children that shopping, silicone breasts and being thin are not the most crucial things in life. And that love has nothing to do with money. Good luck.