Lucija told me about the bracelet she bought for her niece’s first communion. She wanted to have a message engraved on it, something that will give good advice to the young woman at any stage of her life. She was desperate – she read tons of  books and websites with proverbs and quotes but found nothing that really touched her and was in the same time simple and short. She asked me about my opinion. I started thinking about one piece of advice I would give a young woman on her way (ugh, I again sound like I was 85, don’t I?). I told Lucija that the most important and valuable lesson, which I had to learn the hard way, through my own mistakes and victories was to always stay true to yourself. Be it a choice of future career, boyfriends, jobs, friends. Be it trying to be clever, to make rational decisions, using tactics and strategy. Be it missed chances, wrong choices, cowardly moments, or brave victories.

Unfortunately, as clever as we both are, we weren’t able how to put this together into something “engraveable”. So we decided to take time and think about it. I hung up and opened the MSN messenger. And there it was, next to Andreas’ name, the perfect piece of advice:

“Listen only to your own heart. That is your only teacher.”