I am wondering if I am just learning what it is to be a journalist or if am I writing for a wrong newspaper? I wrote an article about Vienna’s “other foreigners”. Vienna is the city of foreigners. Under “foreigners”, people here understand Turks, Serbs, Croats... What is completely ignored, is that Vienna is one of hubs centres of international organisations. 25 such organisations are based in Vienna. This means between 20,000 and 30,000 foreigners in Vienna who belong to this international community. These people are great for their international touch, for being educated and being experts in their field. This is being recognised through their salaries, their status, their privileges – they don’t pay taxes for instance. They are given a lot. Unfortunately, this community is hermetically closed. Invisible. So I finished my article about them (which I started by saying they are invisible) by saying that this is a pity because they could also give a lot back to Vienna – in just giving it more of the “other” or being more visible. Meaning, making Vienna into a truly international city.

And what did the paper do? Simply cut the ending. So basically, I have an article out there just describing this community. Every high-school kid could have written an article like this.

I complained that not only they took the attitude and the main point out of my article, they cut its ending – it ends too abruptly. The explanation was that my ending was too much of a comment.

My question is:  what is the use of journalism if it doesn’t raise questions?

And here a quote of the day:

“Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” Eleanor Roosevelt.