Aren't we just great?

Yesterday, UNODC (United Nations on Drugs and Crime) released the World Drug Report 2009. The Report shows that global markets for cocaine, opiates and cannabis are steady or in decline, while the production and use of synthetic drugs is feared to be increasing in the developing world. Should this be strange? Every other person in our fantastic western society is on legal drugs: antidepressants. We don’t need cocaine, opiates or cannabis anymore – we have soma. And we even get it for free – they are covered by the health/social security. “Mine are very weak” said a friend few days ago, “they are for kids and teenagers.” Great, so now we even started legally drugging our kids and teenagers.

We should urgently start exporting antidepressants to the developing world. We get to earn money and they don’t have to “produce and use” synthetic drugs. A win-win situation par excellence.