I Was Desperate


 Gillian Wearing, `I'm desperate'  1992-3, Tate Collection

The series of photographs called „Signs that Say What You Want Them To Say and Not Signs that Say What Someone Else Wants You To Say” brought Wearing international recognition when it was first exhibited in 1993. This selection of five images shows the range of responses which Wearing elicited from passers-by, whom she selected at random, and asked to write their thoughts on a piece of paper. Wearing challenges social stereotypes and assumptions, and often works in collaboration with members of the public as a means of 'interrupting the logic of photo-documentary and snapshot photography.' She has said 'A great deal of my work is about questioning handed-down truths.' (From the display caption September 2004)

A tribute to the desperate guy. Last summer, as I decided it was high time to change my life, he was my greatest motivation; Vienna was full of posters with his picture. Now, he sits on my desk. Just for the case I ever get the idea to put on a business suit again.