Just finished my 2nd book! K.O.

I am ecstatic to announce that today at 14:14, I have finished writing my second book. This book is in a way a continuation of my first book, but it is more grown up, serious and more analytical. While "From Barbie to Vibrator" described the fun side of today's female coming-of-age story, the new book is showing the other side of the story. It is based on my own experience with burnout. It is a mixture of a personal story and an analysis of our society  trying to find out why today so many young people experience burnout. The diary form is similar to "Barbie", but for all those who hated the non-chronological structure of "Barbie", this one is chronologically ordered.

This is a story of losing the meaning and sliding to hell, just to raise up and reinvent yourself. And maybe even to reinvent our whole society.

The book should come out in Croatia this fall.

Its working title is K.O.

I am happy.