The Profit

Last year at this time, I have been locked at home ill and glued to TV or buried under a pile of newspapers and magazines. I tried to understand what was going on and why we had a financial crisis when we were doing better then ever in the history. I was excited about the crisis. I wrote my article "Ana Almighty" (you'll find it under Writing, The Vienna Review, Dec. 2008) enthusiastic about the fact that we were given a chance to wake up and make this world a better place. As predicted, we did wake up - just to fall asleep again. We (that's the average people)  are still suffering from the crisis which cost millions of people their jobs, savings, security, self-esteem - but we pretend like nothing has happened and all is great. It is not.

Yesterday, I again had a discussion with a very clever lady about the fact that we have not used this chance to change things. "But there is no alternative to capitalism" she said. There is - people's capitalism. A system which puts human values before profit. Doable.

And just as an illustration of how nothing has changed, here the newest ad for News magazine. When I saw the billboard, I wondered if the person who created an ad with a businessman saying "I want to profit" has spent past year in deep sleep. Bad taste, stupidity or pure ignorance? I don't know, but it is so typical for of our go-get-it capitalism.