Models vs. Photoshop

Yesterday, I discussed the fact that with 2010, Brigitte is appearing without models in its editorials with my great friend, a model herself. And even she likes the idea! But we both concluded that the point about Photoshop is actually more important than the no-models idea and should not be ignored. Unfortunately, we already got used to models and do not necessarily compare ourselves with them. I open Vogue, see those skinny, tall girls with perfect skin and think “She’s a model, she is one in a few thousand women who look like this. That’s her job.” and do not expect to look like her. Now, if in January 2010, I opened Brigitte and expected to see, like they say “Women like you and I”, but get average women who are Photoshoped to perfection – without eye-bags, cellulites, with perfectly round breasts and fantastic skin. Well, then I’ll feel like shit and think: “I am also an “average” woman but don’t look like this! Something must be wrong with me.”

So, here my plea to “conscious” magazines: actually, you can leave the models (but please, give them a sandwich or two before the shooting) – but skip the Photoshop(-ing of people).