Burnout/Work/Fuck-it-all Books

I’ve come across some great books lately which I can warmly recommend. They are all evolving around my last topic burnout/letting go/work-life…. Corrine Maier “Bonjour pareses” („Die Entdeckung der Faulheit“, „Bonjour Laziness“, „Dobar dan ljenosti“)

Maier writes about work in large companies and gives an ironic, cynical analysis of the companies and life in them. She calls for a boycott from inside – through letting go. I just love French intellectuals.

John C. Parkin “Fuck it” (“Jebe mi se”, not translated into German yet)

This is a self-help book. I am not a fan of self-help books, but I like Parkins’ try to translate eastern philosophy of achieving balance through letting go or detachment into western language. It is a fun and relaxing read, which will give you some inspiration. If you can borrow it, do, you don’t have to own thins book.

Lisbeth Jerlich “Burnout: Ausdruck der Entfremdung” (exists only in German)

Relatively easy to read although a science book. First time I found literature analysing social causes of burnout. Normally it is all about personal or work-related causes. We are learning: burnout happens to the highly motivated people with big expectations. Of course, we shouldn’t say this loud because nobody would invest energy into their work  anymore. Great book.

Georges Perec „L'art et la manière d'aborder son chef deservice pour lui demander une augmentation“ („Über die Kunst seinen Chef anzusprechen und ihn um eine Gehaltserhöhung zu bitten“)

I haven’t read it yet but I believe it is a must.

Have fun reading!