A discussion on TV about growing old, 4 fantastic participants, all over 80. Among them the inventor of the pill (80-something) a geologist lady who posed in a bikini at the age of 84, a psychotherapist around 90. I was amazed by the amount of experience, courage, talent, intelligence gathered in that room. I wished to be there and have 30 minutes of their time to ask questions and learn, learn, learn. Europe is growing old; in 2030 around 25% of its population will be over 65. “Scary thought”, always the first reaction. But then… After this discussion and after today’s conversation with my dad in which I again learned so much, I wondered: If such a big part of the population comes with so much knowledge and experience, we should find a way to get the best out of it and leverage all those lessons learned. The older Europe should become the cleverer Europe. Would we be able (and willing) to try doing that?