Warning: the female Pope movie

I see it as my duty to spare your brains from unnecessary drain so you can perform better on my quizzes. So here a warning of potential hazard. “Pope Joan” or “Die Päpstin” movie. DO NOT watch! It will cost you 3h of your time, €9 for the ticket and lots of nerves, and – fill you with pure BS.

Here why:

  • Horrible writing (“My daughter, I told you…” “How did you do that, my little sister?”)!
  • Painful narration (Jeez, where did they find those actors/narrators??? It hurt!).
  • Bad acting.
  • Bad editing (WHY did the childhood part last, for what it seemed, 1,5h instead of 15min???!!). Horrible cuts.
  • Horrible direction – no feeling for time, bad transitions, COLD & STIFF, no feeling for human nature, completely losing the motivation of the main character in the middle of the movie! Plus, what is worse -  the director very openly and badly stole scenes from one of my favorite movies “Elizabeth”, and he even did it 1:1. He stole the make-up and dressing scene, the scene of her entering a church with a long red cape, the scene of discussing with bishops. Plagiarism is simply disgusting!
  • Cheap usage of the archaic aspects of the hero’s journey story: mean daddy, mean stepmother, wise teacher, breaking out into dark woods….. Ugh.
  • And that horrible, kitschy, painfully kitschy, story!

Simply BAD (and not in Michael Jackson way)!