Florida, last Friday. A guy walks in into the company he has been fired from, starts shooting around, kills one and shoots six. He was unemployed and had $90,000 debt. Info in Telegraph

Paris, last month. Yet another France Telecom employee killed himself. He jumped off a bridge and left a note complaining about the bad atmosphere at work after he has been transferred to Customer Services department. This makes 29 suicides among France Telecom employees in past year and half. Not to forget is a bunch of attempted suicides which were prevented on time.

France Telecom decided to employ 200 psychiatrists and invest €1 billion in preventing Burnout. Can it happen that this will make the people feel sicker than they are? And result in everybody thinking they have a personal problem – while the money keeps pouring from one pocket (FT) to the other (some private firm who employed the psychiatrists). Instead of securing jobs, cutting stress (how about starting with working hours?) and starting to treat employees like human beings?

Info in Financial Times

We have never been this well off – and this desperate. Why?