Something is rotten in the state of Austria

There are such dark things happening in this country that I don’t even want to describe that shit on my blog. For anyone who doesn’t know, please check out the news. Repeatedly “normal” people are being discovered to be monsters. Repeatedly, it is about indescribably cruel crime over children. Most often own children. Repeatedly it is happening in the middle of cities and repeatedly everybody wonders “How come nobody noticed a thing?”

What is happening? Is this monstrous deviation anchored somewhere deep in the mentality of these people? Or is it fault of the system in this country, which is systematically building a “children as enemies” atmosphere? Corporations are making it impossible for parents to balance job and family. Women are forced to do minimally paid part-time jobs. There are not enough nurseries. Women’s magazines scream “We are the victims! We can’t handle it all!!!” And advertisement is for years building up negative image towards kids: kids will kick you out of your bed, they will not let you have a piece of cake, they will put stains all over your designer couch, they will ruin your dates, destroy your dish washer, never move out of your house and will not be there when you need them….

And if something is wrong with the collective state of mind here (which I assume it is, because when I think what Bosnian and Croatian people suffered during and after the war but no one ever came to the idea of torturing children), what can be done about it? If a person has psychological problems, people from their surroundings suggest a therapy. Who should suggest therapy to a whole country? And how do you do therapy on few millions of people? But then again – if the system is capable of doing negative brainwashing on its people, it should be capable of doing the positive. But hey, no profits can be earned here…..