Kissing frogs good-bye!

Here are some breaking news for all bad-ass-aesthetically-spoiled-princesses like me! Last night, I found a very interesting hypothesis by Bruno Bettelheim. In his “Kinder Brauchen Märchen”/“Uses of Enchantment: The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales”, he explains that the fairy-tales featuring beast grooms (like frogs and beasts) are all about how love and affection will turn sexuality, which the inexperienced perceive as something animalistic (the beast-groom), into an awarding act (the prince). He does not claim that is about kissing someone you actually don’t want to kiss.

So good-bye to the idea that good girls get awarded for kissing frogs and beasts!

(Yeah dad, I do remember what you told me: “A handsome man is good for a night, a good man is good for a life-time.” My intuition also does not completely agree with rejecting the frog thing, but... Damn it!)

And here my last frog-kiss. You can send in the prince!