What we've learned from Tiger

I must admit I was totally delighted about the news of Tiger’s crash caused by angry wife hitting the car with his golf clubs. My first thought was “Yes, yes, the clean boy is not co immaculate after all! There might be a tiger hidden in Tiger!”. My second thought was “Well, if she was so angry, maybe she didn’t only marry him for his status and money, maybe she really loves him” (My mistake at that moment was that I wasn't considering the aspect of pride ). The whole story made me like him, and her, a bit more. Yes, Tiger, the good boy of the good sport has turned out to be not so good after all. What have we learned?

  • Do not to believe everything you see in the media. Constructing an image of choice is so easy to do.
  • In our information society, it is impossible to keep things secret. So if you don’t want any problems, just don’t give them a chance. Can you really believe that a predator starlet will be so discrete not to publish your messages on internet? Even a golfer cannot be that naïve.
  • If you are a starlet, or in this case a bimbo aux pair, don’t be so naïve to believe that a man who married you because you are blond and pretty will not go for the next (fresher) blond and pretty, the moment he has a chance to do so.
  • One more time: a man is just a man. Which is bad and good. Bad because men are more prone to give in to temptation. Good because that makes them easy to manipulate (for those who know how to manipulate).  This is what made me so angry during the Clinton scandal. Is it really bad that a relatively handsome young man, currently most powerful person on this planet, who is married to Hillary (sorry, but…) gives in to a young attractive woman who throws herself at him every day? Or does it make him… well… yes, more manly, or at least, more sympathetic? We have this thing for people who are not all that perfect.  And we non-Tigers cannot even imagine how many gorgeous women work hard, and good, to get the Tiger. And tigers are usually out of the cage.  They are constantly on the road, constantly winning, constantly being admired, and constantly surrounded by female predators.
  • Yes, women hunting. You should not underestimate those women. Those women are gorgeous and they know their work. I know one or two. Finding a rich husband is the only goal in their life. They adopt everything to this goal – the way they dress, look, talk, jobs they do, travel destinations they go for, friends they have, cities they live in. They are extremely intelligent. They are fantastic manipulators. They are incredible risk-takers. And they are great strategists. Once they set their eyes on you, you cannot escape. You would have to be impotent or blind or on heavy drugs. And no woman wants a husband like that.
  • And last but not least. Here is the manifestation of the culture of choice and consumerism. We have more choice than we have ever had. And we have a feeling that we have even more choice than we actually do. We are tempted to go out and grab it all! Also, the aspect of exchanging something for something newer and better is starting to reflect from our behaviour as consumers to our behaviour as humans….

But one interesting question that stays open: Why do sex scandals not happen to successful women? Is it really because (most) women are simply not into sex?