Cardiac Arrest

Yes, I was shocked as I read that Brittany Murphy died at the age of 32. Yet another young celebrity died of “cardiac arrest”. I don’t like young American celebrities dying of “cardiac arrest”. Have you ever heard that a young European star died of “cardiac arrest”? OK, I admit, I don’t read so much gossip press (although I do read it a bit), so maybe I am not that well informed. But all those “cardiac arrests” make me wonder. When young stars of the older generation died, it was of an overdose. Drugs overdose. The bad stuff. Heroin & co. Now, they are dying of “cardiac arrest”. I would say they are dying of the “good” stuff. While the “bad stuff” had a certain attitude, lifestyle, and yes, romantic or rebellious touch to it, the “good stuff” has no special aura. It is normal. It is for everyone. After decades of the psychotherapy ruling, now the pharmaceutical industry has become, especially in the states, a new religion. New God. Only God can do magic and have a quick solution for everything. Depression, anxiety attacks, exhaustion, loss of appetite, too much appetite, loss of libido, hyperactivity, LIFE…: all stuff that you used to deal with on a different level, by getting to know yourself and your life better, and changing things that don’t work well - now you just close your eyes and swallow a pill. It is a new form of a prayer. Or, if you like it more bluntly – simply legalized drugs helping the pharmaceutical lobby earn a fortune. Someone has to.

I have an American friend who takes antidepressants, sleeping pills, muscle relaxants, appetite enhancers. I think the list of Austrian army’s weapons sounds less deadly. You just need to accidentally take a wrong pill or one too many and – oops, here comes the “cardiac arrest”. I don’t know. I just know I started liking my doctor more and more. Last time I had a bad case of sinusitis, I had to beg for antibiotics. On my knees. I didn’t get them. And the sinusitis went away. No “cardiac arrest” for me, thank you.