Madonna- a Death of an Era?

First, let me get one thing straight – I am (was) an absolute Madonna fan. I discovered her very late. While my friends listened to “Like a Virgin” at the age of 10, adoring the cute pop beats, I (hating everything mainstream) only discovered Madonna at the age of 17, as she made “In Bed With Madonna”, adoring her guts. Madonna is the one woman who influenced my generation of women and helped them to grow up into the emancipation our mothers were fighting for. She taught us to be self confident, focused, and original. She taught us that it is ok to be sexual, play, discover, change directions and make mistakes – as long as you stay strong and true to yourself. She taught us that it is ok to do whatever you want to do first and then have a family. She taught us that a woman can have it all.

But ooooohhhhh! What is happening with her having it all? Now, at the age 50 when she should know it best, she distances her from the all and only wants to be everything but all - a 25 year old bimbo again. Instead of being proud of what she is, she is running away from it. From being 50, from being the queen of pop, from being a wife and mother of 3. Her new album sounds just like a bad copy of Nelly or Fergie or whatever their names are. And a cover showing a 50 year old mama in black latex, legs spread, sucking on whatever, is nothing but sick and pathetic. What she is doing is actually a crime – she is betraying everything all those generations of women were fighting for. She is betraying her own students. “Forget experience, success, independence, originality” she is screaming to us from that cover “The only thing that counts is looking/sounding 25 again.”

We want Madonna back. Madonna who will take us to the next level (again). We want her to tell/show us things only a woman who did what she did and achieved what she achieved can. And if she can’t do that, she should just disappear. And stop doing all this damage.