Anti-Wrinkles Playboy

Ok, ok its time to be nice and say something positive. Otherwise all the bitching will leave ugly wrinkles on my face. And I need a pretty face to sell my book.

Yesterday, for the first time in man many years, I bought the new German Playboy (hmmm, things you get to do in the name of research!). And I liked what I’ve seen. Three out of four ladies had small breasts. And the big ones weren’t plastic. And three out of four were dark haired. Only one bleached bimbo. If men’s magazines start turning more into this direction, we might be entering an era in which men’s magazines are better for female egos than women’s magazines. A woman has more possibilities to get frustrated about her looks when reading Vogue or Elle than (this) Playboy.

And now I again get to quote a playmate “Just being beautiful is boring.” Good work, girl! Unfortunately, she wasn’t speaking about intelligence or talent or success but hey, I won’t be too strict. Wrinkles, remember?