Our Beloved Governments

Few days ago, Croatian newspapers were full of articles praising the prime minister as people’s hero. Because in a meeting with representatives of Croatian businesses, he scolded the entrepreneurs for their “bad behaviour” towards their workers. He asked the businesses for more social responsibility and fairer treatment of workers. Haha, he scolded and asked?! It was like reading a joke. The government, which exists (only) to protect its people, is not protecting them but – scolding and begging the business?! No, politics cannot be called a whore anymore - whores didn’t deserve to be offended like that. Eventually only a pathetic money-devouring joke. The most disgusting part of the story was the pas de deux between the politics and the media – media translating the flop of the politics into a victorious act, brainwashing poor tired masses which do not know anymore what to think, so they think what they read.

Today, the same joke repeated on the other part of the world (the government joke is a very universal thing and knows no boundaries) – the government (or officially “the ruling military junta, but its all the same shit) of Myanmar is deciding if it should or should not allow the aid to enter the country after 50,000 people died from the monsoon last week. Deciding!?

Yeah, I should rather stick to reading Playboy, it doesn’t make me wanna puke.