Dorothy & the Witch

Dorothy was furious because the Witch didn’t want to play with her anymore. “You fucking witch, you pretend to be a bad motherfucker and you’re just a lost little girl from Kansas!” The Witch was speechless. Dorothy continued “You are such a naïve cow you think that lions and scarecrows and tin men can talk! And you are oh-so-obsessed with your fucking little red shoes! You are so fucking narrow-minded, the only thing you can wish for is going back to your Kansas!” The witch leaned on her broom and listened on. By now, she was amused. “You believe in fairytale bullshit such as wizards, you naïve little cow, you! You are stupid enough to believe that sticking to your yellow brick road will bring you somewhere!” But now, the Witch got bored. She opened her Evian bottle and poured the holy water over Dorothy. Dorothy started melting away. And as she was disappearing in a cloud of smoke, the Witch could hear her sing “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!”

“I better be more picky next time I chose a Dorothy” the Witch thought, coughing from the smoke.