Let me tell you about my latest discovery: Yes, I know I'm late. Chatroullette was launched in November 2009 and covered by numerous media in early spring 2010. Still, many people don't know about it. I haven't either. This is exactly what I like about being back at the universtiy - I get to leave my closed world of same age/occupation/status/interests and learn about some other stuff. The newest hype! What makes Chatroullette so interesting is that it is more than application -  it is a fantastic social (and media) experiment. It is a mirror for the mankind to look at and see what we must see, not what we'd like to see. I like Chatroulette because it proves my thesis that if you leave people anonymous, without any rules and control (and yes - without a punishment), they turn into a bunch of ruthless, sex-obsessed mob. They will shove their dick into your face and click you away without a pardon the second you don't fulfill their present needs.

The application has been created by a 17years old Russian programmer. Just for the fun of it. As the user number started growing, his family collected money for the unexpected expansion - the kid needed some more severs. Have we found a new Zuckerberg here? Is yet to be seen. But let's get back to Chatroulette. It is a very simple application which puts random people together for a video-chat. No need to log in, no need register - so it's simple and completely anonymous. The only thing you need is a computer and a webcam. Go to and you'll see yourself in one window, your random chat partner in the window above, a text-chat window and two buttons: NEXT and STOP (I didn't get the point of  the STOP button yet, maybe you can figure it out). You get to meet random people from all around the world. You can chose from up to 22,000 people online. They are just a click away. And gone in just one click as well.

And here the Chatroulette phenomenon: 1. You're completely anonymous so you can do whatever you want 2. The moment you don't like the person you just click NEXT. This needs no explanation, no excuse. People do it anytime, even in the middle of a sentence or a chat. The moment there is anything they don't like you're gone. Or the moment you don't do what they want you to do (masturbate). A very painful experience for people with low self-esteem. 3. It is all about masturbating men. 80% of people you find are... dicks. 4. People stick something over their cam so it does't show their picture. Here's the trick: When you do this, 90% of people think that if they can't see anyone, no one is watching. How stupid is that? So they style their hair and check their teeth in the camera, or just go on masturbating.

Apart from getting an overdose of masturbating dicks (hey, why do only ugly little dicks masturbate online?), I had following experiences: A Turkish guy with no teeth sitting in an internet cafe. Many men from places like Las Vegas, London and Lisbon. They all clicked me away the moment they saw my whole (tired and unmade-up) face or the moment Marcus came into the picture. (although they were not masturbating, they were obviously looking for sex). A woman who was interested in sex with me (sex). A couple getting it on full picture in front of the camera. Few minutes after I found them, they got interrupted by someone who I would swear was his wife (or mother) - suddenly they jumped up and started dressing and just as I was wondering what kinky new sexual practice that was, a screaming woman entered the picture. I witnessed another 3 minutes of the fight, then someone finally thought of switching the camera off (sex). Advertisement for sex chat (sex). My neighbor Marcus claims he had a very nice 20 minutes long chat with a guy from Amsterdam. I don't know if I want to believe that.

Yes, Chatroulette is wild, horny west of internet. A zoo of dicks AND men looking for sex. Pity. Because the idea of finding random people from all around the world for a short chat is actually very cool. But the reality is not. Still, Chatroulette is a fantastic social experiment. Also, you can use it as a platform for your ownn experiments - to test when, how and why people react the way they react. I decided to put on full hair and make up next time, just to see the difference in the reaction (and NEXT rates). I also want to see how the men react if you play they game and immediately ask them for sex. Someone proposed to define chatroom topics. Dickroulette for whoever wants to share the masturbating experience. And then Footballroulette, Partyroulette, whatever... But you see, we need rules to make it work. Otherwise we're simply stuck masturbating. Next.