I discovered Banksy, the British Art Street superstar, while doing research for a story about a Viennese street art exhibition (see . And yes, my insider-friend who organised the exhibition yelled at me “You only discovered Banksy now??!!” Sorry. Only few years ago, Banksy was still an anonymous graffiti artist based in Bristol. He is still anonymous (bravo, Banksy!) but today, his art is being bought by Brangelina and Christina Aguliera for up to $200,000. His comment: “I love the way capitalism finds a place—even for its enemies. It’s definitely boom time in the discontent industry. I mean, how many cakes does Michael Moore get through?”

Banksy’s work magically appeals to everyone – it is the simplicity of the image, high artistic skill, but most of all easily understandable anti-establishment messages that are always connected to heart breaking humor. “True. And sad.” becomes most common reaction to his work. But pictures speak 1000 words, so here my favorite Banksy. To see more: