What are they waiting for?

Yesterday, my best friend sent me an article about her company being accused for corruption and money washing. Could be that they’ll close soon. She just started the job three months ago, after a year-long search. Today, she had new news “My boyfriend came home yesterday evening all angry. It seems that he’s going lose two big customers.” He owns an event company. “He was screaming about this stupid world wide financial crisis and how it is going to ruin us all.” I sad that the absurd thing is that (among the fact that this is a virtual crisis, that the corporate profits are continually increasing and that it could all have been prevented) we are going to feel the crisis but the ones guilty for it, the ones with billions on their accounts, will surely not starve. “And they expect us to have babies.” I said, smiling. “Come on, I can’t even commit to a fitness studio because I’m not sure I’ll be able to pay the €99 monthly fee in a few months.” She answered.

Well, it is obvious that the system not working. So why do we still have to wait for a change?