All the World’s a Stage (a book review)

In «Our Man in Iraq» Robert Perišić talks less about Iraq but more about Croatia and the eternal play that's life. “Our Man in Iraq” is a story of Toni, a Croatian journalist who sends his cousin Boris to Iraq to report on the war for his newspaper. Boris’ reports turn out to be nebulous poetic blurbs, and Toni decides to rewrite them hoping nobody will ever find out he sent a dilettante – and his cousin - on this important task. But one day Boris disappears. To cover up the scheme, the editor decides on an even bigger scheme and asks Toni to pretend he is Boris. The story is great. But there is more to it and with every page, Perišić 's book exposes new layers. A love story. A story about transition from socialism to capitalism. A story of a country recovering from war. A story about media and journalism. About consumerism and postmodern identity crisis. But mostly a story about the roles we are playing. Yes, you can expect to find a lot in this book. Just don’t expect the war in Iraq.

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