Slut Dropping

Lots of interesting stuff is popping up as Miss Representation’s Facebook status. Readers of my blog will know why I like most of them. And also why I dislike some of them. I’m all for power to women – but ladies, with power comes responsibility. Here today’s example of what I mean: An article on “Slut Dropping” written by a “Independent” journalist. She tells us about the terrible practice at UK colleges where boys pick up slutty dressed girls at early hours of the morning and instead of bringing them home (as promised), they drop them at the other side of town. Yes, we all agree this is a terrible practice and women should be respected and treated nicely. But then. Have you seen what girls wear when they go out? God knows I’m a very open minded person. I was naked on the cover of my first book (called “From Barbie to Vibrator”)! And now I live in LA. And get to see a lot. Of skin. And other stuff.

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What's Next?

The last two movies I saw showed lesbian scenes. Both were big and commercial (not the scenes, the movies) - Swan Lake and Love and Other Drugs. What's with that now? Isn’t entertaining industry already earning enough on male fantasies? And what about other industries? Not enough billions for plastic surgeons and cosmetic industry? How many more complexes do women need? It is not enough that our tits are not big enough and our legs slim enough and that we are eventually growing older – now we also have to start changing our sexual practices? How much more of porn industry are we going to allow to creep into our mainstream and our lives?

I had a long discussion about this with my boyfriend. Of course he tried to convince me it is OK. Men also have complexes forced on them, he claims. Like financial success. Apparently, they are made to believe they should have couple of millions on their bank accounts to be attractive. Maybe, but I see a big difference here. Earning a couple of millions is highly dependent on various outside factors. A woman not willing to engage into lesbian sex to fulfill a sexual fantasy (which, by being so present in our media, is turned into something that should be expected) depends solely and purely on her. So she is made to feel like this is normal and she’s simply not doing enough. Or willing enough. You chose.

I said I wish mainstream movies were full of scenes of two hot studs satisfying one woman. They would be, he said, if women watched more porn and there was a demand for something like this. Yeah  right, so now the fact that we are forced to see only what men want is our own fault. Then he tried to explain it as a way  to lure men into movies such as Love and Other Drugs. Hello, the movie is full of Anne Hathaway’s gorgeous naked body having sex, her breasts dangling around the picture. And we STILL need lesbian sex to lure men into cinema? What’s next?

Then he told me it’s our fault because women are not boycotting it. It is our fault that we allow this to influence us, and some of us have breast enhancement surgeries and have lesbian sex. Which makes others feel unattractive. If all women said no… What then? That’s just lame.

All in all, just another proof that this is a male world. Still. And ever more so.

Tajder in EMMA

I am happy to announce that my commentary about "Sex and the City 2" is going to be published in the next issue of EMMA, the most renown feministic magazine in German speaking countries. As announced on the Website:

"Alice Schwarzer hat für die nächste EMMA einen Kommentar zur Sache von Ana Tajder in Wien bestellt – und das Resultat begeistert uns EMMAs alle sehr."

Link to the EMMA article

"Sex and the City2". Or "We're all Stuck in the Dessert!"

“Sex and the City 2” is coming to European cinemas on Friday. I, as the ultimate S&C fan should be ecstatic. Well, I’m not. I passed by a cinema with a jumbo poster above the door featuring Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda (in a dessert?!) and I had a very strange feeling. It was a bit like looking at a corpse. A mixture of curiosity, disgust and sadness. S&C used to be our Bible. What we watched on TV screens were our lives. Yes, we were just like them. And our stories were just like theirs. We were educated, had great jobs, paid for our own luxury, we looked good, had enormous fun and we shagged gorgeous men (Really! I was so offended when Playboy commented on my book: “Is it at all possible that all those men were that gorgeous?” Yes, they were!). We were completely independent. And mesmerised with our lives. We were experiencing the probably best phase of our lives. And S&C was an affirmation for it all.

This was 12 years ago. Many things have changed since then. Towards the end, the series wasn’t as true, cheeky, crispy and fun as it was it the beginning. The first S&C movie came to cinemas and, although we were glad to see our old friends, we were disappointed. And now the 2nd part? I’m not sure. I’m even wondering if we should go to see it. I’m afraid it will be everything but empowering.

First of all: Sex is not what it used to be. The S&C sex, that is. The S&C sex was about freeing a new form of female sexuality. Sexuality which was in the same time our weapon and our shield. Sexuality as the ultimate proof of the newly conquered independence in all aspects of our lives. Unfortunately, the sexuality we freed back then has quickly turned against us. The moment we turned female sexuality into a mean for achieving a goal, somebody else used it for their own purposes: To earn money. In no time, our society has became overly sexualised and pornographised. Fashion copies SM styles. Music spots look like soft porn. School kids are watching hard core on their phones. Media is bombarding us with the new image of a woman, a über-sexualised, über-natural sex doll. She is created by using styling, plastic surgery and Photoshop. She fills us (both women and men) with craving for unreachable, constructed “perfection” and makes us spend billions trying to buy it.  She is turning women into objects. Again. Our grandmothers and mothers fought against this - how did we, the S&C generation, allow it to happen?

And then there was shopping. They spent fortune shopping. And they had enormous fun shopping. So had we. Shopping was symbolising the connection between our financial independence and our newly freed sexuality. We were buying (with our own money) sexy stuff that made us feel great about ourselves. And that helped us manipulate the world which is known to be easily manipulated by attractive looks. But hen came the financial crisis. And made it very clear to us that we became hostages of our own consumption. We worked to consume, we identified with the consumed, and we searched for fulfilment where it couldn’t be found.  It all became painful when we realised that the consumerist attitude reflected on other aspects of our lives. We were consuming men, relationships, friendships. Ourselves. And then came the threat of an environmental catastrophe. It is not fun paying for stuff which you know will burry you one day. No, we don’t shop any more.

S&C showed us how fantastic a friendship can be. A constructed family. Four friends, all obsessed with themselves and their tightest circle. Four friends and their never-ending search. For love, for the perfect relationship, for THE man, for happiness… The search lasted for 12 years. And it goes on. It used to be cute. It’s not anymore. Because it is a product of the individualisation which is ruining our society. One of the biggest lessons we were supposed to learn from the financial crisis is that globalisation made us all interdependent. We cannot be solely focused on ourselves anymore. If Greece crashes, Europe crashes. Same is with women. We cannot live our emancipation alone. There are African women sold to our men as sex workers. Indian women are sewing our jeans for $16 a month. And there are many gorgeous East European girls who, of lack of alternative to support themselves, accept traditional gender roles. They are willing to trade their youth and beauty for financial security. Having a beautiful East European wife who keeps her mouth shut and is satisfied with a gift of designer shoes became sort of a trend: Viennese businessmen travel to East Europe searching for wives. Scared of losing their “competitive advantage”, many West European girls are giving up emancipation.

Yes, the world has drastically changed in the 12 years since S&C first became a symbol of our emancipation. The financial crisis revealed a deeper crisis – our whole system is in crisis. In order to survive, we have to rethink everything anew: The economic system, the values, the priorities. To be able to inspire us again, S&C would have to drastically change. And here an idea: Now that it is clear that we have reached the limits of the male world order, how about offering a new alternative? A female, solidary, cooperative, humanistic world order.

I know - it is too much to wish from a US TV-series-turned-film.

But please, allow me to dream.

Consuming Love - Literally II

Sorry, I just can't help it. Especially since Big Eye's “if you can see love, there is love” which I did like. Well, there must be love if I cut paprika and this is what I see. Now that we almost have had a whole love salad on this blog, I promise to stop with heart-shaped food. Unless something really fantastic appears in my fridge. Like a heart-shaped cucumber. div2009

...................... And here some highlights from my today's channel skipping between NTV (German CNN), Euronews and CNN. Some of which have warmed up my lefty heart (as my editor at The Vienna Review would say): Obama's Stimulus Package: The House is set to vote tomorrow. The guy really wants to put $825 billion into government investments to provide jobs (and someone protested when I said that his inauguration speech sounded socialistic) Review Globalisation I: USA, the big uncle of free trade, starts protectionism and asks Americans to "Buy American" Review Globalisation II: British workers protest for British jobs Review Globalisation III: Germany so spoiled by it's immense exports that it is wondering "what now?" as exports are due to stall because of the crisis and new protectionist wave. Yeah, what now? UK loses $5 billion due to two (2!) days of snow: Come on! What a sissy country is that? First Iranian satellite in space: And now we should worry about an Iranian flying saucer? Well, someone still has to explain to me why one country is allowed to have weapons, especially if it is already guilty for millions of deaths, and the other one not. Porn Airs During Super Bowl: Just as Cardinals' superstar Larry Fitzgerald watched himself sprint into the end zone on the stadium's Jumbotron during Sunday's Super Bowl, 10 seconds of eye-popping pornographic imagery "flashed" across the screens of those watching at home. And now, let me go back to the beginning: "if you see sex, there is sex". In this grey world I can only conclude - yeepii for porn!

Ana's Ode to Manhood

Yesterday, I attended a lecture by Erich Lehner, an Austrian gender scientist. The promising topic of the lecture was “Man: the neglected sex”. The first shock was that Mr. Lehner, although very sympathetic, managed to turn this exciting topic into a sleeping pill. The second shock was his main message: save the poor men, help them, they are in crisis. We expect them to be manly but also have soft skills, be strong but also understaning, go on maternity leave, look like George Clooney, be rich like Bill Gates, etc., etc. WE don't! It is the media that makes you feel we do. We want men to be men, to respect us and to be reliable (plus: we want chemistry, of course). This was so heartbreaking that I immediately wanted to hug all men in the audience and tell them how fantastic they are. Is manhood really suffering a crisis? I didn’t notice that. I mean, yes, all that shaving of breast hair and tons of cosmetics and the quest for a six pack are….well…..not really necessary…… But hey, today’s men are fantastic! They care of their looks (didn’t I write about those muscles few weeks ago?), they are hard working, they are great lovers, they are more open to women and their complex nature (and needs), they can cook and change diapers. And come on, they are still the bosses (in Austria only 6% of top management positions are occupied by women)! So where the hell should a crisis come from?

This got me a bit sad. First, we have women in crisis. Then we have “Frauenpolitik” (women’s policies). Now we should have men in crisis… Männerpolitik? Isn’t our society just totally absurd? I mean, this should be the simplest thing in the world. It is just that we managed to make it so complicated.

And finally, Mr.Lehner mentioned a very interesting statistics: 3x more women attempt suicide. 3x more men are successful in it.

Guys, get your act together. You’re fantastic!

Worst Sex in Literature 2008

Last year's Bad Sex in Fiction Awards took place on the 25th November 2008, at the In & Out Club, St James's Square. And I just learned that Paulo Cohelo had never had sex in his life. No wonder he is able to manufacture so many books….

You can read the excerpts from awarded works here (it's fun!):

And here are my favourites (couldn’t not comment):

“The forces of the world were penetrating her five senses and these were becoming transformed into an overwhelming energy.” That’s Paulo… Lesson to Paulo: the only forces a woman wants to penetrate her are her man’s! Forget the forces of the world.

“But the kissing, just the kissing, was heavenly [...] He made her forget she was a Communist [...]” Can just say: woahahaha!

“Sebastian's erect member was so big I mistook it for some sort of monument in the centre of a town. I almost started directing traffic around it.” And again: hahaha! To weird for a comment.

“She did not seem to be a woman, but something altogether stronger and sweeter.” What did she seem like? A watermelon?

“He wasn't sure where his penis was in relation to where he wanted it to be….” Is this a physics equation or a sex scene?

“With each nuzzling kiss the line extended over other parts of her body, gathering into a new constellation of improbable shapeliness - Archer, Boar, Mermaid - another point from among her scatter of solitary stars.” This woman also never had sex in her life. Maybe she should get together with Paulo and start practicing.

“Making love with men like Jordan Groves let Vanessa Cole believe for a few seconds in the sustained reality of her essential being, even though afterward she could not remember ever having experienced it as such.” Intellectual sex.... Forget it.

Note to potential husbands

Here's a nice Christmas present to me: My Austrian publisher's catalogue of spring releases just came out. I brought it to my parents yesterday, all proud and excited. And they were also proud and excited. But then they started worrying that once the book is out in Austria, I will never get married. My liberal, intellectual 1968ers parents scared the shit out of me....

So here a plea to all my potential husbands:

1. Check out the category my book is in: LITERATURE! Not autobiography/non-fiction/"Sachbuch"

2. Yes, it does say "some parts autobiographical" - but hey, this sells (after all, I am a marketier by profession)

3.  Isn't it just excellent to live the devil out when you are young so later you know you're not actually missing anything as you're feeding a screaming baby at 3 AM instead of dancing with models in posh clubs?

4. I can cook!!!!!

And here a quote from my book's review in Croatian Playboy (claiming that my book is just opposite of being feminist): "Feminism has failed - because as long as every Carrie is just dreaming of getting married and having a baby, nothing has changed."

Yes, we are a lost generation.....

New Men?

Poor men, it seems that they became victims of the same beauty-dictatorship women were suffering under for so long. And we LIKE it! Am I just lucky or do young successful men take more and more care of their bodies? I must admit that I became seriously addicted to “accidentally clapping” a man’s shoulder while talking to him. Because lately, my hand always landed on an iron-like muscle. And my hands (and not only mine) like iron-like muscles. Keep up, boys!

Little F...ed Riding Hood

OK for the start – today, an old granny would live in a nursing home or would have a nurse visiting her regularly. And please, today, a mama would never ever send her daughter to walk alone through a dark wood to visit her old grandmother. Because today’s mom fucked with the wolf too many times. Today’s mom KNOWS the wolf. Maybe he is even still her lover. This is why today’s mom would put the Little Red Riding Hood into her SUV and drive her to the grandmother. Yes, I know it can happen that Little Red Riding Hood’s dad is on a business trip and her brother is ill and the teenage babysitter doesn’t have time to baby-sit because she has an appointment for her pregnancy check up. Well, if it really didn’t work in any other way, then mom would make sure to prepare Little Red Riding Hood for her trip through the woods.

Of course, she would never allow Little Red Riding Hood to wear that red sexy hood! No, off goes the short red number, on goes a long grey coat. And that little skirt and little white socks? No! “Where’s your jeans, Hoody-Baby?” Little Red Riding Hood would whine and tell her mom that it is not fair that Little Green Riding Hood can wear her cool hood and she has to wear that grey sack. Mom would of course hate the idea that her daughter feels inferior so she would allow the red hood. But jeans would have to stay. Next, mom would tell LRRH about her own rape experience. “You know, when I was your age I was hitchhiking to the sea side. And two nice young boys offered me a ride to the next city. But they didn’t take me to a city. They took me into the woods. And tried to rape me. I was lucky that a jogger was passing by, saw what happened and rescued me. You can never, ever trust no one! Not even young nice boys. And especially not wolves!” And finally, she would prepare the basket with wine and cake for the granny, but make sure to put a pepper spray, a mobile phone with 911 on speed dial, and a condom on top. Just for the case that instead of a wolf, Little Red Riding Hood meets a cute hiker and really cannot resist.

So off goes our Little Red Riding Hood into the deep dark woods. And hey, the wolf appears. A modern LRRH would never waste time to talk to an old, hairy wolf. She knows she is too cute for him. She is aware of the fact that she looks a bit like Britney. So today, the wolf would have to put some effort into his appearance if he wants to talk to little girls. He would take a loan to buy a shiny Porsche, put on a fake Rolex (or if he is a finer wolf, a Panerai). He would have his hairs removed by a laser treatment. He would maybe even die the rest of his hair blond and get a funky cut. He would put on a sleek suite and always have a Blackberry in his hand to look very busy. And he would never, ever be so stupidly bold like the wolf in the story and simply ask the Little Red Riding Hood of her grandma’s address. No, he would be all charming and tell LRRH that he actually got lost and needs her help. He would tell her about this urgent business meeting he is going to with investors from Quatar and that unfortunately, he is off to St Moritz tomorrow early in the morning but he would be really happy to thank her for helping him with a nice dinner in Fabios or whatever fancy restaurant there is in that wood. He would entangle her into a nice conversation so that she wouldn’t even realising she is giving him her grandma’s address.

Of course, today’s granny is just like today’s mom – she met the wolf many times before and wouldn’t simply let him in. But maybe the last time she met the wolf was very, very long ago (she only became granny when she was 80) and already forgot how bad the wolf was. She would like the wolf’s charm, and after all, the new wolf looks like a fine young man, so she would let him in. And actually, today’s granny wouldn’t even be endangered, because the oldest woman today’s wolf would eat would be 26. 27 is too close to 30 and that is too close to a biological clock. But for the sake of the story we have to assume our wolf either didn’t eat a woman for so long that he is starved to death and would eat just anything. Or that he is so hungry for Little Red Riding Hood’s young flesh that he will make himself devour granny with his eyes shut, visualising the pinkness that’s already on her way to him.

Now, Little Red Riding Hood arrives to granny’s house and sees that big, hairy wolf in her granny’s bed. Come on! What the hell happened to our Little Red Riding Hood in the original story? Was she blind? Or did she eat some weird mushrooms in the woods and was too high to react? How could she not recognise the wolf in her granny’s nightie? Whatever was going on with the original Little Red Riding Hood, today’s Little Red Riding Hood would immediately react. She would try to run and find her phone to call 911. She would kick wolf’s arse with her Taek Won Do moves. But, although she is the junior champion in Taek Won Do, the wolf is bigger and stronger and would manage to catch her and eat her.

And now comes the hunter. In contrary to the hunter from the tale, today’s hunter who passes by a house and hears an old woman snoring loudly wouldn’t react. He would either think that the old woman has an old lover or he simply wouldn’t give a shit about the old woman. But we have a very nice hunter here who kills the animals but helps old people so he would go in to check on the old lady. He would find the wolf asleep in the bed, and would immediately shoot him. Our nice hunter does not shoot the wolf but cuts open his belly and frees Little Red Riding Hood and granny. In the story, the hunter skins the wolf and everybody lives happily ever after.

BUT! In our story, the hunter doesn’t care about wolf’s skin! He wants a reward for having freed the ladies. So while granny is collecting her savings to pay the hunter, the wolf starts chatting up the LRRH and explaining to her what has actually happened: He was driving by on his way to a business meeting and remembered that her poor ill granny is alone and wanted to check up on her. The crazy old witch opened the door and so badly wanted to be eaten by him that she simply jumped into his mouth. And the moment he saw LRRH, he was so overwhelmed with love that he lost his brains and just wanted to be as close to her as possible. Oh, he swallowed her out of pure love! Hearing this story from this charming, loving, strong, cool wolf, Little Red Riding Hood would become totally disgusted with her old crazy grandmother. Yes, she knows her mom warned her – but this wolf is different! This wolf is nice and successful and soooo strong! And he loves her!

She would make sure the old witch was locked into a nursing home. And then she would move into granny’s house with wolf, her cool new boyfriend. Every day, while wolf would go to his imaginary business meetings (actually he would just drive through the woods searching for young flesh), she would work hard at her new job as a secretary – this way they at least had one secure income. After all, the Porsche needs regular service. And she likes her wolf in his Prosche. The wedding will of course be postponed for better times.

So basically today, not the wolf would get fucked. The poor old granny would get fucked. And then the Little Red Riding Hood would get fucked. Because after she gave birth to wolf’s two kids and his business has finally kicked off, he would find a Little Pink Riding Hood (she is of course 15 years younger than LRRH) and marry her. Women never learn their lessons.

And the wolf would live happily ever after.

Are we becoming prude?

I just read an article by a Croatian writer saying that paparazzi pictures showing Kate Moss’ underpants as she is exiting a car prove how our society is becoming more and more prude. She claims that we watch paparazzi pictures of drunk, half naked or messed up celebrities because we are shocked about their behaviour. I see it opposite. We look at paparazzi pics not because they shock us but because they calm us. The world of celebrities went so far to become a parallel, virtual universe. Through plastic surgery, private fitness trainers and Photoshop, the celebrities look too perfect, even plastic. Never in the history have actors and celebrities earned such amounts of money. And lately, they also manage to have perfect families. The pictures of Kate Moss’ underwear and drunk Britney help us remember (or realise) that they too are only human. So first one part of media earns by making them seem über-human, then the other part of media earns by showing that they are human after all. That makes double profit. And we are the idiots who gladly pay for all of that. And then we also pay for plastic surgery and designer clothes, hoping that we too can look the part… And as for the prude, just look at a few videos on MTV or a few ads in magazines. You can also go to galleries and see what sells as art. No, we are far from becoming prude.

Bambi or Wolf?

God, I survived a walk in the woods with a heterosexual man!

I normally go for my weekly wood magic with my gay neighbour (and friend) Patrick. And it is always plain beautiful: In spring, we are excited about the little pink and white buds coming out of the wet and dark earth, later in the year we pluck Bärlauch (ramson or bear’s garlic) and discuss the best Bärlauch recipes. In summer, we lie on a little chequered blanket and bask in the sun. And in the fall, we search for mushrooms in all colours and sizes. Like we did last weekend in the Little Red Riding Hood wood – it really was like a scene from a Disney cartoon.

Well, today was the first time in a long, long time that I went into a wood with a hetero man. And no, it wasn’t all about the big bad wolf eating poor Little Red Riding Hood behind a bush. First, we got lost – my walker was absolutely sure he knew his way around as he is mountain biking through this wood every week. Then, we ended up climbing a VERY high hill. And then we were even more lost, soon sliding down a very steep slope covered in slippery red leafs. Please note: I was wearing little golden adidas shoes. So once we managed to get off the slope (finally), I ended up sinking in mud – not only did my little golden shoes disappear in black mud but so did my cool jeans, all the way up to my knees. Thank god the hetero man on my side was big and strong and immediately fished me out. I really love woods, but I swear to God, I just wanted to get out of that one.

What is it about gay men?  How can they make any wood into a Bambi paradise? Why are butterflies and rabbits and flowers dancing in the sun whenever a gay man enters a wood? I mean, when you go into a wood with a gay man, you could as well put on your thinnest stilettos and you would be ok…. I don’t know. It’s…magic. Gay magic. Or am I simply a fag hag?

  I don’t get it.

But since writing about woods (again), here my favourite wood joke:

“Aha! Little Red Riding Hood!” says Big Bad Wolf, upon finding the girl in the woods. “Now I’m going to take off your little read cape, lift up your little red skirt, pull down your little red panties and fuck your brains out!”

“Oh no, you’re not, Mr. Wolf,” Red Riding Hood retorts, pulling a pistol out of her basket and drawing a bead on the wolf. “You’re going to eat me just like the book says!”


Maybe that is it! In the woods, girls either want to meet Bambi or Wolf! Not sink in mud.

Albanian Virgins

Oliver has sent me a very interesting article from Herald Tribune about Albanian virgins. Don't laugh. For centuries, those women who decided to become men only had to make a resolution, cut their hair and put some trousers on. And – not have sex! Which turns celibacy into the key, meaning they believe it is the female sexuality that makes woman intor a woman. Not her physical or mental characteristics.

So basically, it was possible to achieve equality even in that brutal and very patriarchal environment. These virgins are treated like men. They manage their families like men, they kill like men and rule like men. They hang out with men.

And I was just thinking how we could apply this without any problems. Nothing would change. We anyway wear our hair short, only wear jeans and trousers. And have almost no sex. Aaaargh! We ARE men!!!!!! 

Here's the link. Thank you Oliver.

Juno - and now: the reality

17 girls from a high-school Gloucester in the state of Massachusetts, all younger then 16, are pregnant.  The girls arranged this "group activity" - they all decided to get pregnant together. So now this city of 30,000 is wondering what is going on and where this baby boom is coming from. Well, if anbody went to cinema once in past six months they would know - the Oscar winning movie "Juno" couldn't be missed. Are young people really so alienated from life that they simply copy everything they see on big screen, no matter how serious the consequences are? Do they really blindly believe the things they see on the big screen? Maybe I should finally put on those red shoes and hit the yellow road.....


Latest gossip from Croatia - someone wanted to harm a very handsome actor and published photos of him kissing a man. He was forced into outing, so to say. All the papers published the story and comments of his colleagues giving him public support. My first reaction was "Ugh, this can only be a scandal in Croatia." But then I was thinking about the situation in other countries. And I realised, to my big surprise - there are no famous outed gay men! The only one I can think of is Elton John - no comment needed. Seems like the fashion industry was created as the gey men's gettho, the only area they are supposed to occupy. Funnily enough, when thinking of outed lesbians, I remembered Jodie Foster, Ellen DeGeners, Melissa Etheridge and Cyntia Nixon - all great women. Are women braver when it comes to outing? Or do we accept gay women easier then gey men? Sadly, it turns out that the situation is same everywhere.

LifeBall 2008

Last night, I attended the grand opening of LifeBall, the biggest and most glamorous AIDS charity event in this part of Europe ( I was especially looking forward to see the fashion show by Agent Provocateur. But instead of leaving me feeling sexy, it left me with many thoughts: Is a lingerie show a good choice for a big public event? Is it ok to play with the aesthetics of S&M and pole dancing on an AIDS (which is, let’s not forget, a sexually transmittable disease) charity event? Is it ok to feed the audience female models wearing I-want-sex lingerie when we know that most of newly HIV infected Europeans are heterosexual women? I wasn't sure what to think….


Sexism & Advertisement

I was asked to write an article about sexism in advertisement. I am a bit scared of this article because I am not sure myself what to think about this topic. What is sexism in advertisement? Why is it bad? One thing I am afraid of is that we could, by trying to turn this world into a perfect politically correct place, create a sterile world with no joy. The same effect that the sexual harassment frenzy had on USA offices – I heard that male colleagues are now too scared to give compliments or show sympathy to the ladies. Not a place I would like to work in. And hey, if we wanted to be really correct we should ban advertisement all together - and instead of spending millions on advertising budgets and buying stuff we don’t need, spend the money to save lives and make this world a fairer place. If you ask me, I don’t think we should strip the world of advertisement off of pretty ladies (but do add some handsome gents as well, please). Art has always tried to fill the world with beauty. And (unfortunately) today, advertisement is the commercial art form par excellence. Images of beautiful people inspire us to look our best and to appreciate the other sex. The only concern I have is how natural and healthy their beauty is. As long as they don’t make me want to skip my dinner or consider the silicones again – great!

But then there is also the whole debate about the roles of women vs. men as presented in advertising. And the “sex sells” topic. Hmm, will be a fun article to write….