2014 "Titoland"

Interview in Super Mila, March 2014

2013 "Titoland"

Interview in Cosmopolitan, December 2013 link

Book review in Večernji List, November 2013 link

2012 "Titoland"

Book Review in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 5.12.2012


Recommendation in EMMA, October 2012 link

Recommendation in Die Presse on 6.7.2012 link

Book review in Kurier on 9.6.2012 link

Report from the book reading on ORF Seitenblicke on 29.5.2012 link


Book review in Der Standard, 28.5.2012

Ana's interview on ORF Radio Burgenland was aired on 14.5.2012

Portrait on ORF Heimat Fremde Heimat, 13.5.2012 link

Interview on Ö1 Austrian National Radio, Leporello, 8.5.2012 link

Interview on Ö1 Austrian National Radio, Politikjournal, 27.4.2012 link

Book review in Falter, 25.4.2012

Interview in Aktual, 17.4.2012 

Announcement in Kronen Zeitung, 17.4.2012

Announcement on the ZIB news of ORF, Austrian National TV, 16.4.2012 link

Book review in Literaturhaus.at, 27.3.2012 link

Essay about "Titoland" in The Vienna Review, April 2012  link

Interview in BUM, April 2012 

"Titoland" book review in Die Presse, 28 March 2012 link

Robert Misik's review of "Titoland", March 2012 link

2010 "From Barbie to Vibrator"

Report from Ana's reading at FUZONing in Bezirksjurnal, July 2010 link

Ana's interview (in Croatian) for ORF Radio Burgenland was aired in two parts, on 12.4.2010 and 19.4.2010.

Rub i sredina, 12.4.2010

Rub i sredina, 19.4.2010

On 3.3.2010, Ana was invited to Club 2, live discussion on ORF (Austrian National Broadcast) to talk about feminism today

Ana appeared in a story about  successful integration in Austria in Woman, 19.2.2010

2009 "From Barbie to Vibrator"

Ana talked about her books on Café Puls, Puls 4TV on 12.10.2009

Interview in Femina, 7.7.2009  link

"Rotzfrech!" Rotraut Schöberl on Café Puls, Puls 4, 16.6.2009

Book review, Die Presse am Sonntag, 14.6.2009 link

Report from the book presentation on the late night news on ORF, Austrian national TV, 9.6.2009 link

Article about Ana's favourite literature in June 2009 issue of Datum

Interview in the June 2009 issue of Bum

Article about "Von der Barbie zum Vibrator", Die Zeit 21.5.2009 

Ana discussed young women and their identities for Die Furche, 13.2.2009   link1    link2

2008 "From Barbie to Vibrator"

Interview on Radio Split, 18.11.2008 link

Book review in Slobodna Dalmacija 23.11.2008 link

Book review in Vjesnik 22.11.2008 link

Book review in Zadarski List 21.11.2008 link

Book review in Slobodna Dalmacija 19.11.2008

Book review in Glas Istre 12.11.2008 link

Book review in Novi List 5.10.2008 link

Book review in Fokus 29.8.2008

Book review in SEEbiz Trend June 2008 link

Book review in Ljepota June 2008 link

Book review in the Playboy June 2008

Interview in Metro InStyle June 2008

Interview in Gala Style June 2008

Interview in Gloria 15.5.2008

Interview in Zaposlena, May 2008

Interview in the Reality Check show on FM4 Radio in April 2008

Ana appeared on TV show Polylog on Okto TV in April 2008, discussing new roles of women and men 

Ana's first interview appeared in the March 2008 issue of Elle