"Titoland: A More Equal Childhood"

Czernin Verlag, Vienna ( 2012) and V.B.Z, Zagreb (2013)

In “Titoland”, Ana portrays Yugoslavia in the ‘70s and ‘80s. Driven by Tito’scharisma and political skills, the country managed the impossible: a balance between East and West, Communism and Capitalism. What appear to be loosely connected childhood memories of Summers on the seaside, travels to “the outside,” or the happiness of wearing a self-made (and therefore unique) dress, create a rich literary tableau before the backdrop of the gradual collapse of Tito’s Empire. Ana’s childhood does not end abruptly, but breaks up painfully, piece-by-piece, like the country in which she lives. What follows is a leap into the unknown.

Praise for "Titoland"

"One devours this thin book...this is just how such stories should be told: not by feigning profundity, but...by appearing lighter than they are. This is how they turn into poetry. Ana Tajder commands her voice brilliantly. A beautiful book." Robert Misik, TAZ
„...Tajder gives her stories a cheerful and subjective tone, which is the charm of the book. What ultimately counts is the emotional substance which its year-long experiences build in us. In this sense "Titoland" does not conjure the downfall of an ideal society, but rightly points towards the disappearance of the exuberant joie de vivre life under Tito brought. Tajder sums it up wisely: "People need security, not abundance. A society can function without luxury. " Truly an important lesson, which particularly literature should know how to teach us. Tajder succeeds in creating a piece of art: she speaks of the fundamental truths of life happily and unintrusively". Walter Wagner, Professor of Literature, University of Vienna, reviewing for Austrian Society of Authors
"A thoughtful childhood memory, which resurrects a now seemingly unreal time of optimism about the future." - Falter
"Ana Tajder creates a complex picture of the collapse of a utopia, all the more impressive because of its lack of histrionics." - Der Standard
"Titoland is a small revelation: poetic and truthful.  Full of surprises, dreams and aspirations…Ana Tajder wrote a wonderful story about hope, connectedness, leaving childhood behind, and all the abysses that are waiting for us…" -  Michael Stavaric
"Ana describes her socialist childhood with great energy and depth, but also with unbelievable economy, without verbosity. The most impressive pages in this little book are the ones where Ana masterfully describes her hospital traumas. This is a real handbook on patience and suffering, truly moving to the core." - Denis Drek, Večernji list


"From Barbie to Vibrator"

Czernin Verlag, Vienna (2009) and Profil, Zagreb (2008)

In her debut novel, Ana introduces us to a glittering world of ambitious, self-confident and fun-loving young women. Her short, partially fictive, partially autobiographical episodes talk about friendships, career, sex and parties. Yet more importantly, they talk about the metamorphosis that takes place as we see Ana turning away from the posh life of a Barbie doll and move towards a conscious orientation on the self – even without a “Mr. Right” in background. Ana is portraying and questioning a generation that got lost in their freedoms and possibilities while hastily chasing mainstream priorities. This highly entertaining collection of short stories analyses one whole generation, a system and, most importantly, the self.

Praise for "From Barbie to Vibrator"

"I love the title. Feminism is the subject of her first novel. [Ana writes] about how complicated it is to be a (thinking) girl in the XXIst century. I agree: it must be difficult and painful. Maybe that’s why her book is so funny. She had no choice but to laugh about herself." - Frédéric Beigbeder
"Good rhythm, good points…  The right to communicate your opinion, the right to contraception and abortion, the right to a good education, to earn good money and have opportunities in life, to wear good shoes, and have sex with handsome men – this is applied feminism!" - Playboy
"A sharp, funny observation of the complicated situation of the young emancipated women." - Gala
"In her stories, Ana navigates her characters through coming-of-age with confidence and without censorship." - In Style
"Ana speaks without shame, but with a lot of charm and humour." - Gloria
"[Ana’s] cool attitude, her kinky humour and her open writing will leave no one cold. With her first book, Ana conquered hearts of her readers so quickly that even critics predict her a glorious future." - Seebiz Trend
"Although feministic, this book shows with an attitude the other side of the picture – the crisis and the exhaustion, which such an attitude can cause. Ana analyses the system we live in, and its influence on what we are going though". - Fokus

"Knockout" (in progress) 

In "Knockout", Ana is interweaving her intimate story of a fight against burnout with an analysis of social roots of this mysterious syndrome. A critique of postmodern capitalism, "Knockout" is a call for courage to change one’s life - and even the whole system - when it proves no longer functional.